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Sally and Danielle Daneshjou are passionate about designing quality apparel for women with a taste for elegance. Their designs include wedding gowns, evening gowns, day dresses and more. They draw inspiration from fashion across the eras, with particular attention paid to the most timeless and versatile styles. 

The team's designs use the finest Italian fabrics. Their vision features the dramatic and classic, featuring impeccable tailoring, edgy necklines, and gowns with exaggerated trains. 

Each design showcases a woman’s silhouette to inspire maximum poise and confidence. At any stage in life, a woman wearing the Daneshjous' collection inspires herself and others to stand tall and take on the world!

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About the Designer

True passion for design

Stand tall and take on the world!

The Sally Daneshjou Collection is the proud result of collaboration between mother-daughter team Sally and Danielle Daneshjou and their partner in Italy, Gianvito Antonio Di Mola. Even more beautiful than the collection is the unconditional support between mother and daughter in the creation of the fashion line. Both Sally and Danielle share a passion and talent for highlighting a woman’s silhouette to showcase her sexy sophistication. Sally brings the sophistication and classic taste, while her daughter has her finger on the pulse of the newest trends.

Each design is a work of art, carefully cultivated in a constant flow of ideas between mother and daughter to grow a creative idea into a final piece. Together their separate perspectives meld to develop designs that inspire confidence in women of all ages. Like mother and daughter drawing inspiration from one another, the Sally Daneshjou Collection fuses European inspiration from Gianvito Antonio Di Mola. Each client becomes the proud owner of a handmade “made in Italy” couture gown. When ordering from the collection, expect careful attention by this special mother-daughter team every step of the way!



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